Budgie Basics

English budgie
English Budgie

Budgies are little parrot-like birds that are native to Australia. Their Species is known as Melopsittacus Undulatus. 

In the wild Budgies Are Green with Yellow heads And Black Bars from the Nape to the Wings.Their life span is about 5 to 10+ years.

There are two types of budgies. There is the Native Australian Budgie and there is the English Budgie.

The English Budgie was selectively bred in captivity in England. Is also referred to as Show Budgie

Budgies will measure about 7 inches except for the English Budgie. The English Budgie is much larger and size will vary.

Males will have blue ceres (flesh part above the beak) for the most part. Certain mutations will have flesh/ pinkish purple colored ceres.

Females will have brown ceres (flesh part above the beak) for the most part. Some will be white (not in breeding condition)

Their Price will vary. A budgie in the U.S can be purchase at a starting price of $5 USD up to about 300 USD.


Before you purchase any Pet wether it be a Budgie or something else, Please! Please! Please! Do some research.

Learn everything you possibly can about Budgies before you make the commitment to take one home. Here at AllAboutBudgies.Com it’s our mission to provide the necessary information for established budgie owners or prospective budgie owners alike. The information that we publish on our site, is the information that we have collected over the years while keeping budgies.


The worst thing anyone can do when starting out with budgies or any pet, is buying them on impulse. If you are not prepared and issues were to arise, a lot of things can go wrong. Including the death of your budgie.

Lack of knowledge about budgies leads to lack of knowledge in the proper care for those beautiful birds.