English Budgie Breeding Journal 1 – Pair 1 – 2019

Grey Green Parakeet
Grey Green English Budgie

December 26, 2018

After losing most of our english budgie flock this past summer due to the extreme weather that California experienced, we didn’t think that we would be able to start our breeding program for 2019. All that was left were only two full english males, a nice grey green male that was missing a few feathers, a dashing light green spangle male, and two females one of which was a beautiful english grey spangle female, and the last remaining survivor was a violet opaline half english half Australian budgie.

Little did we know we were in for an unexpected surprise. Due to the traumatizing events of the scorching summer, we were not planning on breeding any of the english budgies that were left. We wanted our remaining flock to relax especially after going through what they had endured. But… those little creatures had plans of their own. The budgies were left in the aviary along with the nest boxes that were still attached to the breeding cages that had been previously setup. It was a misstep on our part that led to the budgies doing what was natural for them to do.

The Bond

The strong bond between our male grey green english budgie and our grey spangled female budgie was so strong that they eventually decided to start a family. Normally we would breed our english budgies selectively rather than using the colony system. Colony breeding is just messy.

Budgies will form strong bonds to their partners and it can be quite difficult to break those bonds when you are trying to selectively pair them off. In this case we will let it slide.. lol.

The fact that the nest boxes were still up from before made the pair go for it and before we knew our grey spangle female began to lay her eggs.

The Egg

The first egg made its appearance just a couple of days shy of welcoming the new year on December 26th of 2018. This is going to be the first clutch for this pair.

Video of English Budgie Breeding Journal

Side Note: Before we attempt to breed our birds we condition them and keep them at optimal health, thus reducing the chances of any complications. The budgies were healthy, and are fed a daily balanced diet of seed mix, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, egg food. This allowed them to be healthy enough that we allowed them to continue with their journey of becoming parents.

This has been the first english budgie breeding journal entry for the first pair of english budgies that have naturally bonded in the aviary.

If you are planing to breed your budgies but don’t know where to start click here to find out how to do it!

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