Vision Bird Cage by Hagen Review

Hagen Vision Cage M02One of the many questions that we get from our YouTube Channel at Allaboutbudgies is; What type of cage do you own?

We own a lot of different types of bird cages for our budgies as there are different ones for different purposes. This post will focus on the cages that we use for our indoor budgies. Our indoor budgies are kept on the Vision Bird Cage that is manufactured by Hagen. This cage was designed for the modern and stylish bird keeper. There are different models as well as sizes that are suited for different sized birds such as finches, canaries, and of course budgies. The model that we own is the Vision Cage, Model M02, which is a medium size cage that measures 16 in x 25in x 34in.

What are the benefits?

The Base

We love the plastic see through base. It contains the mess so well. The base features two side doors that are specifically designed for the food and water dishes. Since is see through you can monitor your birds and make sure they are eating their food.

Horizontal Bars

M02 Vision Bird Cage size The horizontal bars just make it a lot easier for your budgies to climb and move about the cage without any issues. The bar spacing is phenomenal and we love that they are not powder coated. This makes it a lot easier to clean and you don’t really have to worry about any paint chipping off.

This cage is very sturdy and is well manufactured. It looks great with any type of interior decor and there are an abundance of accessories that can be added to this cage. One of them being the plastic nest boxes we use.

Included Accessories

The Vision Bird Cage includes 2 sets of perches. They are made out of plastic which are easy to clean but you can still add natural wooden perches. We would highly recommend to use a variety of different type of perches with this cage.

The food and water bowls are also included as well as waste shields. The shields come in handy as the food an water bowls are located at the bottom of the cage.

Any Issues?

The only feature that we find a little odd is that there is no pull out tray. You actually have to remove the bottom tray by unclipping the two or more clips (depending on the model) that hold the cage together at the base. It takes a while to get use to but we find it to be more convenient.

You can find the Vision Cage by Hagen Here

Overall we are completely satisfied with the Vision Bird Cage. Its stylish and most importantly, it eliminates the mess significantly. We totally recommend it for your small to medium sized birds.

Watch Our Video Review of the Hagen Vision Cage model M02

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