Vision Breeding Nest Box by Hagen – Product Review

When we first began breeding budgies, we mainly used what most people have been using for years. A  traditional plain boring wooden nest box. Don’t get us wrong, they worked great but would soil up quickly and were always a hassle to clean and disinfect. As years passed, we found a great alternative to the traditional nest boxes and that was in the form of a plastic nest box. That plastic nest box is manufactured by Hagen and is known as the Vision Breeding Nest Box. The Vision plastic nest boxes are specifically manufactured to work with their vision line of bird products. Their cages are also amazing. There are several advantages of using these plastic nest boxes. The advantages are:

  • They are easy to clean and disinfect
  • They are very durable and sturdy
  • They are light weight
  • They are inexpensive
  • They can easily be mounted and attached to practically any cage

Check Out the Video Review of  the Vision Nest Box

Unfortunately these nest boxes are not suitable for every size bird. These are mainly to be used for medium to small sized birds such as Budgies (parakeets), Finch, Lovebirds, etc. We have successfully used these nest boxes for our English Budgies as well as Australian Budgies and our Lovebirds. The Vision Breeding Nest Box is NOT suitable for cockatiels or similar to larger sized birds.

The nest boxes are not available everywhere, but can be purchased from a very reliable source at  We are positive that you will be happy with the vision breeding nest box.

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