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All About budgies started as a YouTube channel in 2008. Since we published our first video, our channel has grown rapidly and amassed a large following of people who love budgies just as much as we do. It was only natural that we created a blog where we could share more about our knowledge and experience with all of our subscribers.

We have been keeping, breeding, and caring for budgies for over 20 years. Our fascination began with two little Australian budgies that were purchased at a local swap meet in Los Angeles. Ever since then we have been hooked and the rest is history. We now keep several pairs of English, which are also referred to as Exhibition budgies, and Australian Budgies.

Our mission is to become a major source of knowledge for budgie pet owners. We strive to provide the most accurate and detailed information that we have personally collected over the years.

Our site features product reviews, care guides, and recommendations for your budgies. We also appreciate any feedback that will help serve you better.

All About Budgies can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and now… TikTok! Come join us and become part of the budgie family.

Thank you so much for your support!

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