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Best Budgie Cage for Breeding Budgies

A question that I get constantly on my youtube channel AllAboutBudgies is, what cage do you use for breeding budgies? The cage that I use is a simple bird breeding that measures 26 W X 16 H X 16 T made by YML.

This bird breeding cage has more than ample space for your pair of budgies or birds to fly around. It has 1/2 spacing which is adequate for your budgies, no need to worry that your budgie might slip through the vertical metal bars or become stuck. The cages come included with 2 dowel perches and 2 cup feeders. These cages are stack-able and are easy to maintain.

I have setup this cage with wooden nest boxes, which carry more weight, and plastic nest boxes. Although this cage can withstand the weight of wooden nest boxes I rather use plastic nest boxes because they are easier to clean and disinfect.

I have been using this cage for a lot of years now and I would really recommend it to anyone that is trying to breed their budgies. I purchased my first cage at the Bird Fair in California as it was recommended by a well known English/ Show budgie breeder in the area. I bought it for about $15 but that was a long time ago. Prices have since gone up. I have since bought these cages in bulk as it is more cost effective. I purchase my breeding cages through

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Video of bird breeding cage being used

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