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How Old Is My Budgie?


A common question that we receive on our YouTube channel AllAboutBudgies, is, How old is my budgie? We have many new budgie enthusiast that watch our videos wanting to figure out what the age and gender of their new budgie is. This post will break it down and by the time you are done reading it, you should be able to tell how old is your budgie.

For most mutations it is very simple to determine the age by looking at their visual features. Some mutations might be difficult at first especially in the case of recessive pied budgies. Recessive pied budgies will appear very young even though they might be several years old.

Any budgie that has not gone through their first molt is younger than 4 months of age. When a budgie is molting, it is losing its old feathers and replacing them with new ones. Budgies will molt several times a year.

Budgies Younger Than 4 Months Of Age

When a budgie is younger than four months old it will have dark button eyes. There is an exception to this as the recessive pied mutations will retain dark eyes throughout their life.

When budgies are younger than 4 months of age, they will have solid black bars coming down from the back of the head to the cere. With the exceptions of some mutations such as the ino (albino, lutino, etc.) mutations and some of the double factor pied.

The cere, which is the flesh is above the beak will be pink for both sexes when they are younger than 4 months of age. For some males, the cere might have a little speck of blue tint which can also look purple.

Females that are younger than 4 months, will have a cere that is pink, and in most cases you will notice white, almost powdery looking circles around the nares of the cere.

Budgies Older Than 4 Months Of Age

At the Age of 4 months budgies will start to lose their baby feathers and go through their first molt. At this stage the bars on the forehead will start to disappear. The eyes will start showing a grey circle also known as an iris, and they will start developing some color on the cere.

At this age you will notice that budgies will start being more vocal and will follow potential mates. Their feathering will become more vibrant and their baby weight will begin to dissipate.

Please note that if you plan to breed your budgies, we advise that you wait until a budgie has reached maturity and is roughly about a year old. Budgies that are younger might lead to complications such as nest abandonment, infertile eggs, egg binding (when a hen cannot pass an egg), and more.

If you would like to know more about how to breed budgies successfully, click here 👉🏼

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