Step-by-step designs with colored illustrations and  provides you with all the measurements and instructions you need – it’s idiot proof.   These designs are suitable for: Canaries, Finch, Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, pigeons, large parrots, and more.  

Benefits of Building A New Home For Your Birds

Happy, Healthy, and energetic Birds

Physical Health Advancement in your Birds - Your birds will  have ample space to move, fly and stretch their wings without limitations. Exercise by flight is only natural for your birds. It will help prevent disease, by reducing obesity and overcome common cage based problems such as avian arthritis.   Mental Health Boost in your Birds - Just like people, birds will be energetic and happier when they live in large surroundings. Providing more space is key to preventing violence amongst your birds. Happier and less stressed birds helps to stop problems such as feather plucking and illness.   The end result of these health improvements is fewer trips to the avian veterinarian and a much longer lifespan.  

Customize Any Design!

With our designs, you can customize the construction to fit the unique layout of your yard space, house or individual bird species' needs. Commercial cages and aviaries are aimed at the complacent consumer, and they will not be customized to you or your birds - but with these plans, you can customize to your hearts desire.   This DIY project allows you to escape that addiction and use your time productively. The end result from completing this project is a real world object, something that will enhance your birds life and maybe even something you'll be proud of!

start building your aviary now!