Selecting Your Budgie

Our main rule is to never ever buy a budgie or other pet on an impulse. The reason for this is that you might end up choosing a budgie that might be ill or you later come to find out that you are not fully prepared to look after it.

It is advisable to visit various pet stores or breeders before you contemplate on purchasing any budgie. There are certain questions you have to ask yourself before you purchase.

These are as follows:

  • Are the budgies well cared for?
  • Are they being provided with the essentials like food and water?
  • Is the store or aviary clean and sanitary?
  • Is the store owner, employees, or breeder fully knowledgeable of the budgies they care for?

You’ll be surprised that most owners and employees are not fully knowledgeable of the pets they sell. This usually happens at the larger popular franchised pet stores.

When choosing a budgie, place very close attention to them and observe them with detail. The budgies should be active and flying from perch to perch. They should also have good coloration on their feathers and make sure that they have no bald spots.

Stray away from the budgies that are on the cage floor with ruffled feathers. This is a sign that the budgie might be ill. Check the eyes, feet, and skin. The eyes should not be puffy; they must be bright and clean. Make sure that the feet are free of deformities, the skin should be clean of mites, and finally make sure that the feathers near the vent are clean and free of fesses.

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